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The Newsletter of Jiangnan fruit market in the 21st week

News .2019-11-14

Recently, due to the stable weather conditions, the fruit market becomes prosperous. Takefor example,  at the Jiangnan fruit market of Guangzhou, seasonal fruits like watermelon,Korla fragrant pear (75 RMB per package), Hai’nan Guifei mango (45 RMB per [nine Jin,ie.]4.5 K) etc., are quite popularamong the consumers. The watermelon from Guangxi, very juicy and sweet, with itscompetitive price, sells fairly well. While the sales of pineapple from Taiwan, because of the hot weather, the poor quality, and long transportation involved,are less satisfying. It’s said that the least expensive Taiwan pineapples aresold at 50 RMB per package. Meanwhile, the durian used to be selling well seesa drop in sales for its high price (520 RMB per package) and fixed salesvolume.

Currently, the Peru avocado beat the Mexico avocado to become the mainstream product inavocado market, thanks to its price advantage (160 RMB for twenty, by contrastwith that of the Mexico avocado: 290 RMB for thirty), its good appearance andits superb quality. Nowadays, the seasonal Dalian cherry is selling well with asteadily increasing sales volume at about 60 RMB per half kg. While the salesof the American cherry stagnate: besides that facts that the new cherries donot yet ripen and the store is too expensive (730 RMB per 5 kg); they are alsoimpacted by the Dalian cherry.

Since May26, he Xinjiang small whiteapricot is on sale at the Jiangnan fruit market;  the price fixed at 45 RMB per2 kg, its sales prospect remains to be observed. 

The copyright of this article is belonged to Easywei Marketing & Consulting Co, Ltd.  Easywei is a leading integrated marketing consulting firm in China specialized in fruit business, and used to work for ASOEX and OXEC Beijing to promote fruits from Chile and fruits from Peru.  For more information about Easywei, please look up our website:

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