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Fresh new domestic greenhouse fruits are now on the market

News .2019-11-27

Recently, the fruit market becomes prosperous with a variety of seasonal fruits appear in Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market. The reporter finds out that the domestic fruits are dominating the Xinfadi market when he visited. The arriving of the fresh new domestic greenhouse fruits is taking over half of the market sales, while leaving imported fruits in a difficult situation.  

Ever since beginning of this year, consumers has shown a big enthusiasm for cherry. Most of the cherries in market are Dalian cherries which has quickly seized the market, selling at 50-55 RMB per half kg. Shandong Linyi cherries will also be available on market very soon, selling at 30 RMB per half kg.  However, it did not sell well due to the lack of taste. Fresh new domestic peaches are already on market with most of the nectarines produced from Dalian, selling at 8.5 RMB per half kg. Wild peaches produced from Hebei are generally priced at 11-13 RMB per half kg. According to relevant sources, the peaches has been on the market for more than 1 month, taking 10 days in advance, same comparing with last year. The sale is kind of flat due to it higher price. But the wholesaler revealed the price may fall back down after 10 days when the mass quantity of Hebei wild peaches gets to the market. Fresh new plums, blueberries will be out on the market benefits from greenhouse technology. Red plums are priced at 14 RMB per half kg, black plums are 12 RMB per half kg. Most of the domestic blueberries in the market now are produced from Dongbei greenhouse for its high price (170 RMB per 12 package). Besides these fruits mentioned above, pineapple is still ranked as the most popular seasonal fruit among the consumer’s choices. Due to it different varieties of pineapple, the price is varying at 1.75-3 RMB per half kg. Golden diamond pineapple and “snack”pineapple are the most popular one with the best selling.

However, the imported fruits are entering it off-season. According to relevant sources, the sales of imported fruits were down by as much as 70 percent compared to the beginning of this year. Affected by the Chinese holidays, the daily sales that Xinfadi wholesale fruit market achieves generally is between 800,000-3,000,000 RMB during the Spring Festival. Among the imported fruits, durians, mangosteens from Southeast Asia; Green and red seedless grapes from Australia, and Chilean prunes are the most popular one by the consumers. Some of the Chilean peaches has gone bad for storing too long. Thus the price is between 150-160 RMB per 9kg for low quality ones and 180-190 RMB per 9kg for the ones are high quality.  Since the domestic peaches are now on the market, the sales of the imported fruits are effected. Australia prunes has a better taste than Chilean prunes, the wholesale price is between 250-300 RMB per 10 kg. Chilean prunes priced at 90 RMB per 5 kg for paper wrapped package, and 100-130 RMB per 9kg for plastic basket package. The price of durians are dramatically going down from 1000-1100 RMB per 16.5 kg during the Spring Festival to 650-770 RMB per 16.5 kg.  According to the relevant sources, the durians’s price is supposed to be kept around 500 RMB per 16.5 kg because of the increasing supply. The price for Thailand coconut is pretty stable. The wholesale price is at 85-90 per 1 package (9 coconuts) and may go up if the market show for a larger demand.

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