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The 25th Weekly Newsletter of Jiangnan Wholesale Market

News .2019-03-23

Recently, the fruit market is relatively depressed. Since it’s during the off-season, the fruit sale volume sees a downward trend compared with the previous week. Now that the Australian citrus come onto the market, the sales of American citrus are impacted to some extent. In addition, with its better taste and more juicy, Australian citrus has become the mainstream product on the citrus market. At present, the price of Australian citrus is fixed at about 280 RMB per 48 fruits, while that of American citrus is about 500 RMB per 72 fruits.

Last week, the American blackcurrant comes onto the market. The price was increasingly inflated because of its small amount. Presently, the price on the primary market is fixed at about 390 RMB per package at 8.5 kg; however, since the fruit has been unavailable for two consecutive days, it has become a rare commodity open to profiteering, its highest price is raised up to 490 RMB per 8.5 kg, increased by up to 100 RMB per package.

Recently, the American cherry is sweeter, while its price didn’t fluctuate considerably, fixed at about 370~400 RMB per 5 kg (about the size of 28~30 mm). At the same time, the downturn in sales has more or less affected the avocado market. At present, the market is still dominated by Peruvian avocado, which is priced at about 110 RMB per 22 fruits, slightly lower than before. The sales of durian, with unstable quality of the fruit, are unsatisfactory. The current price fluctuates between 440~470 RMB per 15 kg, basically the same as before. Recently, the red heart dragon fruit (pitaya), a tropical fruit produced mainly at Vietnam (imported dragon fruit) and Hainan (domestic), attracted a certain attention on the market. At present, the price of the dragon fruit is about 110 RMB per 6 kg for the bigger ones, and that of the smaller ones is about 90 RMB 6 kg.

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