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The 26th Weekly Newsletter from Jiangnan Fruit Market

News .2019-03-23

Recently, the fruit market sales suffer an overall decline, both the sales volume and the price showing some decrease.

Affected by the Sino-US trade war, the price of American cherries rose sharply, increasing by nearly 100 RMB (per 5 kg) compared to that of last week. The price of American cherries is presently about 470 RMB per 5 kg. However, in terms of sales, it’s hard to be optimistic about the market performance of the American cherries. According to relevant sources, it is because the poor quality of the American cherries currently coming onto the market. In addition, the Canadian cherries that have recently entered the Chinese market are priced at around 450 RMB per 5 kg. The wholesalers from Jiangnan market think the buyers will purchase Canadian cherries more the American cherries due to good price and good quality.

Lately, Peruvian avocado prices have continued to fall, fixed currently at about 100 RMB per 20-24 fruits.

Besides, the price of mangosteen fell considerably in the market last week, from the previous 340 RMB per 7.5 kg to 180 RMB per 7.5 kg. The reason is that Indonesian Mangosteen and Thai Mangosteen come onto the market at the same time, leading to an overstock on the market. Moreover, compared to Indonesian mangosteen, Thai mangosteen tastes better, thus sells better than its Indonesian rival.

Last week, the price of durian in the market fluctuated around 50 RMB per package. For instance, the price fell to 380 RMB per 15 kg on Friday, while it rose to 430 RMB per 15 kg on Sunday. The reason for the price fluctuations remains unclear.

The recently marketed American prunes are currently priced at 500 RMB per 4.5 kg. The palm durian, a new variety of durian produced in Thailand is currently priced at 300 RMB per 3.25 kg; Shandong winter jujube is priced at 70 RMB per 3.5 kg.

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